WordPress Users Sessions Management & Tools

Who is logged in to your WordPress site right now?

You can’t know unless you take full control with the WP Security Audit Log premium plugin. The plugin allows you to see who is logged in, what they are doing in real time, remotely terminate sessions and manage logged in sessions.

See Who is Logged In to Your WordPress

See who is logged in to your WordPress website and multisite network and from where. Get a better understanding of everything that is happening so if an account is hacked you can immediately spot it!

Know What Users Are Doing in Real Time

In the logged in users section you can also see the last change that logged in user has done, in real time, allowing you to keep a close eye on a user’s activity.

Too many logged in Users? Use Search

You can use the search functionality if you have too many logged in users and cannot find what you are looking. Use the filters to search for a username, first & last name, IP address or user role.

Remotely Terminate WordPress Users’ Sessions with One Click

If you are suspicious of a user’s session, maybe you suspect it is a hacked account, or you simply would like to terminate someone’s session just click the Terminate Session button to instantly terminate it.

Terminate All Users’ Session with just One Click

In case of a suspected hack attack, or if something is wrong on your website you can log everyone out with just a click of a button.

Fully Manage, Limit or Block Users Sessions

Do you have a membership or subscription website? Do you want to make sure users do not share their logins?

Use the WP Security Audit Log plugin to manage multiple users sessions – limit the number of multiple sessions a WordPress user can have or block them. These controls will also safeguard your users in case a WordPress user is hacked.

Allow Users to Manage Own Sessions

Configure WP Security Audit Log to ask logged in users if they want to allow other sessions with the same user or not when there is a login attempt.

Know who is logged in to your WordPress & take back Control.

Upgrade to premium to also get the reports tools, SMS & email notifications, search & filters, activity log database tools and third party services integration tools.

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